BETAD BY MSBUFFY Niall visits Earth the collect on a centuries old debt from Eric Northman. In exchange for killing Northman’s maker centuries ago, Eric is tasked with protecting his great-granddau…

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Story Recs: Kill Bill

Always cheers me up the various way authors can do away with Bill. 🙂

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


Need we say more, really? A good Bill is no Bill perhaps? A dead Bill? Even better… Undoubtedly the first thought most of us have is what would the world of Sookie Stackhouse have been like with Bill out of the picture. While it is often the narrative that marks the first foray of many fic writers with mixed results, there is something challenging and creative about just as many. We had a hard time narrowing it down (can you tell we really don’t like Bill), focusing on stories where his presence was either non-existent, swiftly dealt with, or simply a lost shadow with no physical presence. Though we like to pretend otherwise, it really didn’t come as much of a surprise that this line-up includes some of the best writers in the SVM/TB fanfic community.

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