It’s Complicated – Chapter Nine

Pam’s Story



Pam stood scouring the pots and pans used by the Chef’s in the massive kitchen of the tourist hotel. Her face had a film of moisture from the continuous steam rising from the hot soapy water in massive sink. She’d been cleaning the kitchens filthy utensils, pot, pans and whatever for the past six hours. As Aparlt stated to her, she was a vampire and didn’t need a break so she was perfect for this task.


She mentally cursed her Maker and that faerie, Sookie Stackhouse. Her Maker had let her know that she was her new sister and his bonded companion. If only that fucking faerie had died like she was meant to.


Glamouring those males to rape her wasn’t possible. The use of a witch to cast a compulsion on all those rednecks so Sookie wouldn’t discover her involvement, was, in her own mind, brilliant. Who knew he’d discover her before she died? Fucking Were. Fucking pathetic faerie couldn’t even die. The witch had assured her that Sookie would succumb to her depression, she’d cast that spell on the farmhouse. Bitch couldn’t even die. Now her Maker despised the sight of her. Couldn’t bring himself to punish her personally. Oh no! He got his BFF to do that. Said he couldn’t trust himself not to end her.


He would if he knew her involvement in that bitches ‘tragic’ downfall.


Flinging the rag against the wall and grabbing the steel wool to scour the burnt-on crud. Humans! How could they eat this awful smelling shit? It stank, she stank, her hair stank.  Aparlt had threatened to command her to shave her hair all off if she continued to complain about the stink. This was hell. There was no end to the filth, night after night she was to be here at her station cleaning up after they fed everyone throughout the day. That was her job. There was no respite. As Aparlt kept reminding her when he locked her in her resting place she was the perfect kitchen hand, she didn’t’ need any breaks.


She was a vampire! Her Maker was the legendary Viking, Eric Northman. A name she’d given him!


Scrubbing harder while scowling at the offending baking dish, her Maker had banished her from his side. He had blocked her. No longer could she feel the security of his emotions, no longer could she rely on him. Once her punishment was completed and she was released she would be on her own. No doubt he’d let all those who associated or knew of him know that she was out of favour. Red tears dripped onto the suds, that fucking Sookie Stackhouse. If only she’d died like she was meant to.


Pam always knew that her Maker and that fucking faerie would end up together. That’s why she’d acted. There was no way Eric could trace anything back to her. Now SHE had all his attention, all his money for eternity. There was nothing she could do about it. By the time she would be free she would be known as a vampire not be trusted, one shunned by her Maker.


Washing the filth off the current pot, the smell was overwhelming. The baked-on crap, really, how could anyone consume this crap? If only they knew what it looked like at her end of the food preparation chain. Wiping her brow clean of the condensation from the sink she noticed her arm was covered in crud. Another indignity to endure because of that fucking faerie.


Vacillating between rage and despair, Pam was mindful that the kitchen staff would alert Aparlt of any misbehaviour. Three of the sous chefs were Were’s. If she was to glamour the humans she still had to contend with the Were’s. Knowing Aparlt, he more than likely had the kitchens on CCTV too.


Nothing had gone right since her Maker had met Sookie Fucking Stackhouse.


She didn’t have a manicure. Aparlt wouldn’t allow her to get for one. Her nails were chipped and flaking by the end of each night/shift. Only to be restored to the way they were when she was turned when she rose. Hair, she couldn’t even dare to complain about her hair. It was in a hair net. A hair net! She wore these grubby white kitchen pants with the matching stained shirt. Where was her Dior? Her Versace? Even worse, her underwear was purchased for her from WalMart. It itched!


Being silvered would have been kinder. At least then on-one would have seen her. Each evening at the start of her shift he took a photo and before going to rest another photo was taken. She wasn’t allowed access to the internet. A blog of her humiliation was there for all to view. There was nothing that she could do.


Rebelling had already earnt her a further five years with Aparlt. Her Maker had agreed. Misbehaviour extended her punishment. This was all Sookie’s fault. All of it.


Making plans was impossible. She was monitored and her resting place was secured. Secured on the exterior. Pam couldn’t freely go anywhere. Aparlt had even mentioned that he had provided the funding for an experimental GPS tracker to be implanted in a vampire. His scientist had just to iron out the vampire physiology so the tracker wouldn’t be ejected. She knew that the tracker was to be bonded to the recipient’s heart so that it could not be removed without the vampire meeting their true death.


Was that to be her true punishment? Not able to freely travel? Pam was terrified that her Maker was the instigator of this experimental tracker. His fascination with human technology bordered on obsessive. Especially amending such technology for vampire use. Part of his fortune was directed to developing technologies. He’d previously said that vampires who didn’t adapt or evolve had no place in today’s world.


Nothing was going right. The tall Were, just dumped more things to scrub at her station. It was never ending.


Pam could feel herself building, nearing bloodlust. She was shaking. Now she’d just twisted the stainless-steel baking pan. Bad enough she knew what one was. This would end up with further punishment.


Throwing the useless steel mass against the wall she went to scream.


“I command you to be silent. Do not make one verbal sound. Do not stamp your feet. Slam your hands against the sink or the wall. Any further damage is one more year.” Aparlt whispered from behind into her ear. “Your tantrums are beginning to disturb the kitchen staff.”


Moving to stand beside her facing the kitchen, he continued, “no amount of sulking is going to change this Pam. Learn to accept that you are being punished. Try to remember why your Maker is so disgusted with you. You, yourself are exacerbating your punishment. Accept what you have to endure.”


Standing Aparlt moved behind her again as she stared at the wall, “don’t continue like this. If you do it will never end. I only have finite patience for sulking and tantrums. I have a permanent option to resolve your unhappiness. You only need to tell me that you wish to meet your true death. Your Maker will allow this.”


Pam trembled. Fear wasn’t something she experienced often. She knew that Eric had been speaking to Aparlt. That he would allow her to meet her true death was a shock.


She wrenched the twisted steel mass from the wall and straightened it out as best as she could. Picking up a new rag she began the endless task of cleaning what was there for the production of food for the never-ending chewing guests. She knew if she were to act out so soon after this warning Aparlt would follow through with a stake to her heart.


Nothing was as humiliating as having to clean up after humans. They are her food. They are decent sex partners, as long as one remembered they broke. Plus, they can be glamoured to carry out essential day time tasks. She wasn’t made to cater for them, they were here for her.


Pam knew that she had only two hours left, she could feel the stages of the moon and sun. At the end of each endless night all she had to look forward to was feeding. Aparlt provided her with a donor each morning before she died. Only for blood though. Nothing more.


At the beginning, she had attempted to circumvent his command by fucking and feeding. That was a lesson she would not forget. Bound in silver chains and fed pigs blood every third day for a month as punishment. Then forced to wear disposable hospital scrubs under her kitchen outfit for the next six months. She learnt, Aparlt commanded and she obeyed.


Her Maker had opened their Bond to send intense feelings of disappointment for the entire time. Once she had completed her punishment their Bond had abruptly closed, leaving Pam feeing bereft. She’d moped for months.


She knew that all she should focus on was completing her punishment. Getting far far away from everyone. Pam mused on living in New Zealand, hopefully no-one knew of her there. It is isolated enough from the rest of civilisation. They did have the internet there? Didn’t they?


It’s Complicated – Chapter Eight


CHAPTER EIGHT:  Getting To Know Me


Sookie was proud of herself and said so to Eric.  She was proud she’d faced her rapists.  She was proud they were all currently secured in the warehouse cells reliving the nightmares she’d given each of the five.  They’d all be spending the day reliving the feelings of being violated over and over.  The pinching of her skin, the snide and obscene comments about what they wanted to do to her.  They talked about her, in front of her as if she wasn’t there or worse as if she had no feelings.  All her requests for them to leave her alone and for her to get out of there were ignored by them.  What she wanted, and it certainly none of them, didn’t matter. Their nightmares today while she rested, she’d targeted their nightmares to each one individually, feeding back into each of them the fear they invoked in her.  Knowing they were suffering had her feeling better about herself.


“Am I bad Eric?”  She asked on the drive back to their residence.


“What do you mean?”  He enquired, unsure what this was about, reluctant to misunderstand her question and further inflame a hyped baby vampire.  His Bonded.  “Are you wanting to know if you’re bad at obeying your Maker’s requests?  Or, are you bad at something else?  Give me something to work with here Sookie.  Bad?  Bad at what?”  Seeing this conversation exploding if clarification wasn’t forthcoming.


Sookie looked at him, “Bad for feeling good about those five animals spending the day screaming while reliving their own personal nightmares, created by me through my telepathy, over and over all day while we rest.  I don’t feel any guilt knowing they’re suffering.  Knowing that by the time we get there tonight they will basically be gibbering wrecks.  That’s what.  Am I bad for enjoying their suffering?  Knowing they’ll barely recover from what I’ve done to them.  That I, we, are going to inflict further harm to them all.”  She asked him.


Feeling slightly more confident that he wasn’t going to open a new can of worms this close to rest, Eric pulled into their garage and turned the engine off.  He turned to Sookie, “No.  You aren’t bad.  Will you ever forget what they did to you?  Shouldn’t they remember what they did to you without enjoying their violation of you?  Rape is about power, my Childe.  For some it’s not about the forced penetration, it’s about the knowledge that they have the strength, power, to force their wants, desires, kinks, fetishes even, on someone else.  For others rape is about taking what they believe is rightfully theirs.  They have no thought about their victim, the rapists aren’t considering anything other than what they want.  That’s power, that’s rape at its most basic.  So no, I don’t believe you’re bad.  Revenge, payback and or vengeance for your suffering doesn’t make you bad.”


Sookie exited the car and headed to the internal house door in the garage.  She stopped with her hand on the door knob and turned back to Eric.


“I want them dead.  I want them to suffer for years.  I want them to know that they will die only when I let them.  Only then will they die.  I want them to know that every day they will suffer and know their only escape from their pain is death.  But their deaths won’t be soon.  Each day, week, month, I want to visit them for the next year and talk to them about what their pain will be for the forthcoming week.  Eric, I want them begging for death.  I don’t want them to ever believe that their life is going to be anything other than the cell they are in, and new adventures in pain and suffering.  That’s all they can expect the rest of their lives to be.  Every four months one can be removed from their cell and imprisoned elsewhere.  Have one of the guards ‘accidently’ let them know that he was taken to their reserve and hunted by the Were’s on their full moon run.  To give them that little bit of false hope.  The rapist, he can be returned to the cells all chewed and maimed for more suffering.” She hissed at him.


Sookie then sat up straighter and looked down at her clasped hands,  “Though that’s not fair to the Were’s.  They wouldn’t agree to that anyway.  Alcide wouldn’t co-operate.  Don’t blame him.  Hunting humans as a pack during the full moon isn’t good, they have to be come out to the world some time.  Having stories of wolves hunting screaming humans won’t do their cause any good.  Supe’s have a tendency to gossip, no matter what.  Scratch that.”


Scowling she articulated to Eric, “They won’t be killed until I’m ready to kill them myself.  I need to get my dignity back.”  Sookie exclaimed.  “Does that make me a bad person?  Is this what a new vampire feels like the whole time?  This need to make them hurt, bleed and bleed.  Emotions going from extreme to extreme?”  She asks as she opens the internal door.


“Eric, what does bloodlust feel like?” Sookie stops, not waiting for an answer and asks,  “This need to damage to them.  This need….  It’s overpowering.  I want to go back there and MAKE THEM SUFFER, SUFFER UNBEARABLY” she screams.


Turning to him “Can I kill them?  Can you show me how to torture?”  Her words running into each other the more excited and demanding she became.


“Sookie, Sookie.”  Eric calls to her hoping to calm her without forcing a Maker’s Command on her.  “Childe.  You need to calm down.  Get some blood.  Feed.  You’re on a high, the adrenalin is coursing through you.  You’re nearly at bloodlust.”


“Fuck that.  Let’s fuck.  I want you now.  I need you now.  I need to feel you filling me.  Fuck me Eric” she demands as she dances around her Maker.


Grabbing Eric around his waist and grinding her body against his.  Running her hands up and down his back, “Fuck me Eric, fuck me.  Fill me.”  She again demands as she drags his head to her level to kiss him.


Eric, being the opportunist he has always admitted to being, drags her body up his as their kiss deepens.  He slams them against the nearest wall forcefully pressing into her showing her how much she has aroused him.  Wanting to be closer to her, he shreds her clothing.  Undoing his pants he pulls them down with one hand enough for his cock to be unencumbered.  Holding the back of her thighs, bracing Sookie against the wall, he is in her in one thrust.  Halting to allow her to accustom to his size he waits two seconds and begins to pummel into her at vamp speed.  Sookie hisses in delight wanting, needing their connection.


“Is this what you want?” Eric whispers into her ear.  “Hard.  Hard and fast.  Do you need me?  Do you want me?” he demands of her, “Answer me, Childe.”  He continues to slam into her.  Lifting his right hand to her breast to tug and pinch her nipple.  “Answer me or I’ll leave you here to your own devices.”


Sookie pants at him, “Yes.  I want this.  I need this.  More, Eric, more.  Harder, harder” she moans, loving their animalistic coupling.  Her body and mind focussed only on him pounding into her.  “More,” she demands meeting him thrust for thrust.


“I can do this for the rest of the night.” Eric says.  Enjoying the freedom of not having to worry about permanently injuring her.  Holding her to him he speeds to their bedroom, flinging her onto their bed before landing on top of her and thrusting forcibly into her again.  “Bite me Sookie.  Bite and feed from me.  I want it all, all of you.”


Sookie in the throes of bloodlust and passion has no care of her past or future.  All she wants is Eric, here and now.  She rakes her nails down his back leaving blood filled ridges, which of course healed seconds later.  Thrusting up to meet him she latches onto his neck and bites hard.


Eric loudly groans, “Yesss.  Again.  Harder.  Harder, make it hurt.  Make me feel, feel your teeth piercing me.”  He orders flipping them over grasping her hips to continue their rhythmic mating.  “Bite me.  Drink.” He pleads, seeking to strengthen their connection.


Sookie gyrates on his cock leaning her arms back, using his thighs for balance and purchase.  Eric moves his left hand to her clit, he wants his Childe mindless, rutting him without any thoughts other than him in this moment.  Rubbing her nub at vampire speed hoping she’d become more wild, uninhibited, he smiles as she begins to shake and orgasm.  Eric instinctively knew Sookie had thirty minutes before sunrise would force her down for the day, he was determined that she would spend that time mindlessly fucking him.  He had needs too and his newest Childe was a delight with the bond feeding their mutual ecstasy back and forth.  He grabbed her hip and flipped them over.  “My turn” he whispered into her ear and began to forcibly plunge into her over and over.  He’s determined that he’ll maintain this action until Sookie dies for the day or asks him to stop.


He knows that giving her intense intimate pleasure will alleviate some of her anxiety after being so brutally raped.  Well, it’s what helped him when it happened to him all those centuries ago.  Just thinking about it makes him determined that his Childe will not suffer further slight or harm from anyone.  Driving his body into hers he leans down and nips at her breast bringing blood to the surface for him to lick at.  “Childe.  Bite me.  Connect to me, come drink from me again,” he pants at her, seeking the exquisite pain to heighten their mating.




Sookie woke cradled in Eric’s arms.  There was no after effects felt by her from their bout of love making last night.  Well, other than bodily fluids.


“Eric?” she asks.


“Yes” he whispers into her ear.  She can hear the smile in his reply, if she concentrates she can feel the satisfied humming in their bond.


“Will you shower with me?  I appreciate you staying in bed with me till I woke.”


“Blood first.  There’s bags in the mini fridge.  Feed then we’ll shower.” He directs.


“You have to feed more often than me.  I’m older.  I don’t need as much as you.”  He explains to her.  “Your hunger isn’t as evident when you wake as a normal new vampire.  I can feel your hunger though.  Don’t discard that, you’re too young to go without.  If something happens you won’t be able to control yourself.  I know you don’t want to lose control and do something you’ll regret.  So you feed before doing anything.”


Going to the fridge Sookie extracts a couple of blood bags.  Holding one up to Eric in question she includes it in the pile to heat when he nods his acceptance.  Once the blood is heated and consumed they proceed to the shower.


Eric soaps her back running the sponge up and down.  Idly watching the soap run down over her buttocks as the shower water rains down on her skin he asks Sookie, “How are you feeling?  Don’t lie.  Don’t gloss it over.”  He gathers her into his arms cradling her head against his chest waiting for her reply.  He treasures intimate moments like this.


She raises her hand to his neck, “I’m surprisingly okay at the moment.  The anger from last night is gone.”


She looks up at him as he gazes down at her through the shower water.  “Sorry if I got a little out of control last night.  Not sure what came over me.”


“Your anger fuelled your bloodlust.  It was to be expected.  I certainly enjoyed the results.”  Eric smiles reassuring her that she’d done nothing wrong.  “What I do want to know is how you feel about it?” he persists, needing her to verbalise this.  He won’t allow his Childe to stew in self-doubt and hate herself.  None of this is her fault.


Sookie takes the sponge from him and starts soaping his chest while gathering her thoughts.  She knows that he won’t allow her to deny last night happened.  Them, that was good, they were good together, always had been.  The rest, previous to them, that, that was …. she didn’t really know if she was truthful.


“I’ve never felt that out of control before.  I know you said as a vampire I’d feel things more intensely but never did I imagine that I’d want to tear people apart.  Watch their blood flow from their bodies, drink that blood, and bathe in that blood.  It was unnerving and exhilarating all at once.  The power I felt Eric, its unreal.  I wanted to kill them then I wanted to, to, ravish you,” she said the last shyly peering down at the shower floor.


Eric put a finger under her chin and raised her face to him.  “Never be ashamed, my Childe.  Nothing you did was unusual.  Your emotions will be this extreme while you’re this young.  One of the reasons I insist you feel often is to stabilise you emotions.  Hunger is a basic emotions and if you’re starving you’ll be easily upset.  If you’re upset and starving you won’t care about the aftereffects.  You’ll just react.  Never mind the consequences.  I don’t want to have to punish you, nor do I want to force Maker’s Command after Maker’s Command on you to control your behaviour.  You need to listen, learn and remember.  At your age, hunger is your greatest concern.  I don’t want you to go hungry.  If you feel yourself getting hungry, feed.”  He ended his speech with.  “A full Childe is a safe Childe.”


“I know what you’re talking about now.  The bags you fed me just before I went down yesterday morning calmed me right down.  I woke feeling fine except for all the fluids over me,” she grimance at the memory of waking covered in stale fluids from both of them.  “What I did attacking you ….”


“You did nothing I didn’t want Sookie” Eric assured her.


“What I did.  I’ve never been that aroused before.  Never.  If being a vampire means I always on the verge of attacking someone.  Don’t let me run wild.  I don’t want to hurt anyone.”


“Sookie.  Stop on that, I’ll protect you and them if necessary.  But if it’s between you and them, I choose you.  I choose you every single time.  You.  You are my reason to exist.  It’s because of you that the world still exists.  If I’d lost you I would have destroyed everything, wouldn’t have cared.  The universe exists only because you exist.”  He assured her.


While combing conditioner through her hair, Eric continued, “You were raped.  Repeatedly raped not so long ago.”


“I know that.  Do you thing I’ll ever forget that?” she growled at him.


After rinsing the conditioner from her and his hair he stood under the water with her.  “What I’m trying to talk about, its hard because you have this habit of attacking me to defend yourself.  So please let me finish.”


Sookie looked up at him and nodded.


Eric took an unneeded breath, “Not so long ago you were raped.  Raped not just once but by five people who you knew and planned the night with the goal of getting you alone so they could rape you.  They knew exactly what they were doing.”  Wiping the red tinged water from her face he continued. “Their idea of a fun night, that night, was to have fun at your expense.  They didn’t consider how you would feel while it happened or how you’d feel afterwards.  Their whole night was set up to hurt you.  Though they didn’t think of you at all other than as someone they would have sex with whether you wanted to have sex with them or not.  I’m not going to call it anything other than sex or in actuality rape.  Repeated rape of you.  That was their night.”


Handing her a towel he wrapped his towel around his wet hair.  Wrapping her towel around her body and wrapping her hair in another towel he leant against the vanity unit with a quiet Sookie between his legs leaning against him.  “The rapists’ night had consequences.  You died.  Yes.  You died.  By the time I got to you at the farmhouse and got Dr Ludwig there you were too far gone to survive.”


Sookie went to make a comment and Eric shooshed her.  Holding her closer to his body.


“Let.  Me.  Finish.”  He annunciated each word slowly, giving her a gentle shake.  Sookie hung her head shamed that she had forgotten that he wanted to talk about this without being interrupted.


“To continue,” hugging her to let her know she was forgiven.  “Your rapists’ didn’t think about what would happen after they violated you repeatedly.  They knew as a group that they were stronger than you.  What could happen to them?  The local human Sheriff has known all of you all your lives.  The fool probably went to school with you all.  You could have reported the rape.  But it’s your word against theirs.  Your brother hasn’t been any help.”  When she went to object he gave her another gentle shake and went on.  “No, he hasn’t.  He left you alone in that farmhouse accepting your word that you were fine.  What help was he?  There was little or no food there.  Don’t make excuses for him.  Even I know that humans have to eat regularly.  He’s the man of the family and you have always made excuses for him.  Not this time.  He and I will eventually have a talk and an accounting about this, but not now.  I’m not speaking about him as part of the reason you were so severely dehydrated and starved.  The others who you consider friends and did nothing will also have a reckoning too.”


Locating the brush from the vanity bench he took the towel from her hair and began to brush her blonde locks while speaking.  “Dr Ludwig fed you intravenously with a solution for humans for twelve hours.  In that time you didn’t respond to any treatment.  She said that there was nothing that she or any medical person could do to make you well.  It was my decision to turn you.  No-one asked me to, but I couldn’t, no wouldn’t, allow the universe to exist without you in it somewhere.  Now that I have you with me for all time I happy to let things be.  Though the rapists and your so called friend and I will be having more of my individual attention.”


After tying off her braided hair he picked her up in his arms and walked to their dressing room.  “What happened to you, the rapes, you need to talk to someone about it.  You can’t hold it in.  It’ll hurt you, I know this from my own experience.  It does get better.  It does get better” he repeated to her as he handed her the dress he wished for her to wear to Fangtasia.  “You can talk to me if you don’t want to talk to a trained Counsellor, I don’t mind.  I don’t mind because in time we’ll know everything and I mean every little thing about each other.  That’s the way it is with bonded couples.  We’ll eventually know every little secret about the each other.  Then our existence will be one of mutually shared experiences. “


“Until then though you need to heal.  I don’t mind sex with you when you’re angry and bordering on bloodlust.  Don’t mind that at all.  We both enjoyed that.  I want making love too.  I want it all, Sookie.  Everything you have to offer.  That’s why I want you to get some help and not hold all the hurt in.  Vent if you want but you cannot go around angry the whole time.  It doesn’t make it bettwe.  Believe me I know.  Battlefields are strewn with corpses from my anger.  I didn’t care what side I was on just that I hurt someone, anyone.  You don’t need to get through this like that.  It’s not you.  It’s not me anymore either, just in case you’re wondering.”  He added quickly knowing his Childe that well.


Grinning at her, “I can’t wait to experience the world through you.  It’s not like when I was a young vampire.  I left my Maker and had to make my way alone.  You’ll never be alone.  I’ll always be with you.  We’re mated, bonded plus Maker and Childe.  We can’t get any closer.  And no, before you say it, I won’t tire of you.  I haven’t yet and I never will.  I believe we’re fated.  One of those lucky couples who are meant to be.”  Eric finished smirking at her as he put his boots on.


Standing, holding out his hand he escorted her to their feeding lounge where the evening’s donors were waiting.


Once the donors were out the door, Sookie spoke for the first time since their shower. “We are going to the warehouse after aren’t we?  I haven’t finished with them” she stated.  “I’m going to do the vampire thing and take some of my aggression out on the last ones to hurt me.”


“If you get too bloodthirsty my Childe I’m going to insist that you sip on blood all night while at Fangtasia.  I don’t want you lashing out there on the human customers.  I can feel you tensing up ready to strike out at any provocation.  If, by the time we arrive at Fangtasia I’m going to use a Maker’s Command to ensure you don’t do something you may regret later when you’re more stable, rational if you like.”  Eric informed her as they entered the garage for the car trip to his business front.


As they exited the estate Eric shifted gear and said to her, “Think about what I said earlier.  I can feel your hurt.  I have your memories I know what they did to you.  I know what you did.  I also know you refused help after the incident.  They had no right to rape you.  No man has the right to force himself on another when their attentions are so obviously not wanted.  Sookie you did what you could to stop it happening.  No way is this any of your fault.  You hold no blame.  So stop thinking you were partly at fault.  It’s all their fault.  They will pay.  Pay with their lives eventually.  But you must deal with your rape.  It will take time.  You need to talk about it.  Not spew it all out when you’re angry.  That doesn’t help, talk about it when you have the quiet time.  Write about it in a journal then before we rise each night we can discuss your entry.  I only want you to accept that these horrible violations happened.  I don’t forget Bill’s rape of you in the back of the car coming back from Jackson.  The past is set.  Nothing can change the past.  The future is what we have ahead of us.  Together we have the rest of our existences to experience what the universe has to offer.”


Sookie sat quietly taking in everything he’d said.  She knew that she was lashing out.  It wasn’t fair to Eric that he bore the brunt of her anger and distress.  Being a vampire intensified her anger and she was scared, terrified she admitted to herself, that she’d fatally hurt someone.  She knew she spend the rest of her existence wallowing in guilt if she unintentionally murdered someone in rage.  Her rapists’, they deserved to die, painfully for what they’d done to her and probably to others.  She didn’t know if their wives and girlfriends were aware of the activities but she had a suspicion that they knew and didn’t care.  She didn’t care what became of them.


The one she wanted to know if he had a suspicion of what they’d being doing is Jason.  Did he know?


Following him into his office she sat on the couch thinking over everything he’d said.  It’s true, he had her memories so she couldn’t deny things.  She couldn’t gloss it all over as her little outburst this morning proved.  Eric didn’t deserve to be her outlet, sure he’d like that, but their relationship wasn’t going to survive on her taking her rage out on him every time things got too much.  He was right she had to come to terms with her past no matter how distressing it would be.


“Sookie.  Sookie.  Sookie.  Come back to me, Childe.”  Eric called to her.  “You need to have more blood.  I can feel you spiralling.  Satisfy your hunger, don’t deny you aren’t hungry.  You need to feed.  When your emotions are in this much turmoil, being so young you need to feed.  It calms young vampires down.”


“Am I always going to be a young vampire?”  Sookie groused to him.


“Yes.”  Eric succinctly replied.  “I am over one thousand years older than you.  I have been a vampire for all that time.  You will always be younger than me.  Accept it and move on.  As to why I’m urging you to feed, you said you didn’t want to hurt anyone.  If you leave this office and someone upsets you, you’ll lash out.  Can you control what you’ll do?  Can you assure yourself that the paying customers, who I remind you are human, are safe from you?”


Standing up and coming around the desk to lean against it, he looked at her.  “I don’t care if you hurt the humans.  But, my Childe, you do.  So feed,” he ordered.  “You can drink while sitting beside me on the throne.  Three bottles at least while the patrons worship our magnificence.”


“You are so full of yourself Northman” Sookie snickered at him as she followed him to the thrones on the platform.


“I’d prefer you were full of me,” he replied sitting down after Sookie was seated beside him.


“Eric” she hissed at him.  “People are watching.”


“The fun bit is not changing your expression” Eric commented to her.  “Pam and I were practiced at it.  Think unhappy things.  Don’t smile.  They’re here to admire you.  If you can’t not react go into downtime.  Feed first.  The bottles are beside your seat.  That is an order.  Control, my Childe, control.” He repeated to her.


‘Control’, Sookie thought to herself.  That should be my mantra. ‘Control’.


It’s Complicated – Chapter Seven



NOTE:      My spelling is what is taught at school.  It’s obvious that I don’t live anywhere near America.  My apologies for any difficulties you experience.  To my Beta Mims, thankyou for your patience!  You are the best!!!


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Sookie’s dreaming.  She’s dreaming of what happened five weeks ago;


Jason has disappeared with some girl, he hadn’t even said goodbye or where he was going.  How is she meant to get home?  He’d driven them both here to have drinks and catch up with some of his old Bon Temps high school friends.  Of course he saw the girl and that was it.  No more ‘Sook you’re family we gotta be here for each other’.  Jason’s friends are manhandling her.  Matty keeps putting an arm around her shoulders.  Travis keeps trying to lift the hem of her dress further up her thigh.  She’s asked them both to stop.  She’d asked Curtis if he could give her a lift to her farmhouse, as she doesn’t know if Jason is coming back.  This is typical Jason, why does she fall for this every time?  Oh.  That’s right, he’s her brother.  Family.  You’re meant to trust your family.  This is the last time she’ll fall for that one.  If.  And that’s a big if.  If they meet up for drinks again she’s going to make sure she drives so isn’t stranded here like this again.  She wishes they’d stop groping her.  Couldn’t they act like gentlemen?  Travis keeps leaning over her talking to Matty and sliding his hand up her thigh, causing the hem on her dress to rise up.  She’s asked him to stop doing that.  He smiles and keeps talking to Matty.  Totally ignoring her request to stop doing that.  This isn’t comfortable.  She moves to the single lounge chair.  How soon before Jason comes back?  Why are they doing this?  She’s repeatedly asked them to stop and leave her alone.  All they’re thinking about is her, her breasts and getting her naked.  Nothings making sense.


Sookie tries to stand.  She feeling dizzy.  Lightheaded.  This isn’t right, something’s wrong.  She needs to go home.  She asks if someone can ring Jason to come and get her so she can go home.  She’s not feeling well and wants to get away from here.  She’s only had two drinks in the four hours they’ve been at Rich’s house.  She ate a late lunch as she and Jason had arranged this outing yesterday.  She needs to get away from these two.  They’re making her uncomfortable.  Where’s Jason?  She doesn’t feel well.  Her head’s spinning.


Finally she gets her balance.  Rich stands up too, like a gentleman should when a lady stands.  He has manners at least.  What’s he doing, trying to hug me?  Now he’s trying to kiss me.  No.  I don’t want to kiss Rich.  I certainly don’t want him to kiss me.  He’s married.  Shirley’s visiting her parents in Minden for the evening.  She thought Shirley and Matty’s wife would be here.  “It’s for drinks and to catch up.  They haven’t seen each other for months.”  Rich, there’s something wrong with him.  He isn’t listening.  He won’t move away from me.  He’s not listening to me.  I still feel dizzy.  Have to get home.  Feels like I’m going to faint.  Curtis is laughing at me.  Travis is standing behind me.  What are they doing?  Where’s Jason?  Have to get out of here.  This isn’t right.  Where’s my bag?  Have to sit down.  I’m going to be ill.  Where’s Jason?  I need to go home now.  I need to leave.  Now.  I need to get away from them.  They think this is funny.  What are they doing? 


Travis keeps trying to put his arms around me from behind.  He keeps trying to put his hands on my breasts.  No.  No.  I don’t like this.  Oh.  I think I’m going to be sick.  I need to get to the bathroom.  Just have to get away from them.  Why aren’t the other three saying something?  They’re all laughing.  What’s happening?  I’m going to be sick.  I need to lie down.  Feel sick!


Rich tries to stick his hand between my legs.  What’s he doing?  Where’s Jason?  I need to go home.  They’re not listening to me.  I need to go home.  I’m going to be sick.  Travis won’t let go of me.  Rich won’t listen.  This isn’t right.  What’s happening?


Sookie awakens pushing Eric off her.  She falls off the bed.  She’s gasping.  Panting.  She’s going to be sick.  Memories of that night making her stomach rebel.  She’d had four bags of blood before she went to rest.  They were going to … she’s going to be sick.  Quickly she kneels over the toilet.  This is horrible.  Just the thought of that night makes her physically ill.  It hurts so much.  Her stomach only has blood in it.  She feels so ill.  The floor tiles are cool.  This feels better.  She’ll lie here for a while.  It’s cooler.


Eric wakes to no Sookie.  She isn’t in the room.  Searching their bond he can feel she’s close by.  He smells blood coming from the bathroom ensuite.  Sookie’s in there.


Entering their bathroom ensuite he can see his Childe lying on the floor.  The toilet is full of blood.  That’s the smell.  Quickly flushing the waste away he looks at his Childe.  She shouldn’t have been able to move.  When they rested they are down until the sunset.  What’s happened to rouse his Childe?


Eric cleans her face, he then gathers her up and carries Sookie back to their bed.  She’s again resting, the sun is still up.  He’ll have to question his Childe when she rises.  He doesn’t feel the sun’s pull and decides to get on top of some of the paperwork that has accumulated, due to the events of the last week.  Leaving a written note on his Childe’s chest of his whereabouts he proceeds to his office.


Sookie rises and reads Eric’s note.  He wants to talk to her about her rest.  She has no idea why.  While going through her early evening ritual she has the feeling that she’s missing something.  She feels uneasy, and there is a repugnant smell in their ensuite bathroom.


Sookie finds Eric right where he said he would be, in his office glaring at the computer monitor.  Before she can say anything he directs her to the donor room and follows her to feed.  “Come, My Childe, you need to eat.  You need to keep your strength up.  Feed and then we’ll talk.”


Their donors have been dismissed.  Eric and Sookie are lying side by side on their feeding chairs.  Eric can feel through their bond that his Childe is sated.  He feels that this is the best time to address her rising from her rest during the day.


“Childe, I rose to you resting on the bathroom floor.  You’d obviously been physically ill.  How did you rouse enough to get to the bathroom?”


Sookie looked at him in confusion.  “I rose from our bed.  Same place I went to rest on.”


“That’s because I carried you there once I’d cleaned you up.  You were lying beside the toilet.  Didn’t you notice the smell in the bathroom?  Can you remember anything of your rest?”  Eric asks.


Sookie looks down at her hands where her fingers are picking at the hem of her top.  She continues to worry the thread she has loosened.  “Eric, I know something happened, I had a horrible taste in my mouth when I rose.  I felt uneasy and as if someone or something was watching me.  I read your note and got ready for the night.  I can’t believe that I was able to move.  I thought we couldn’t wake while the sun was up?  How bad was the mess in there?  It didn’t smell as like there was anything on the floor just the air was rancid.  What did I do?”  She asks Eric.


“You did the impossible for one so young.  You rose while the sun was still out.  Unless there is great danger and you are roused by your Maker you shouldn’t be able to move.  Vampires die for the day.  Older vampires, my Maker’s age, are able to rise earlier, the sun doesn’t have the same pull on them.  They rise earlier and can go to their rest later than their brethren.  You, being five days old, rose and was physically ill in the toilet.  You were conscious enough to be able to do that.  What can you remember?  Think hard.” Eric requests of this Childe


He’s hoping her daywalking is not a vampire gift.  His protective instincts regarding his newest Childe are ratcheting up to danger level.  He wouldn’t be able to protect her from harm if she was to rise during the day.  Her inability to remember what she did and what prompted her to rise is particularly troubling.  Eric’s imperative need to ensure the safety of his Childe’s has him considering engaging additional day guards to act as her personal security.  He may do that anyway, news of her being his Childe may attract various parties eager to have her in their retinue, by force, if necessary.  Which means that he may be under threat too.  Additional variables to strategise over.


“I ask that you attempt to recollect what you were thinking about prior to you going to rest this morning.”  He requests of Sookie and adds, “If you aren’t able to recall I’ll need to engage additional security to ensure our safety.  It’s not that I don’t trust you, if you aren’t alert when daywalking you may be harmed.  I’m able to rise earlier due to my age, but unless there is imminent danger I’m unable to be awake.  You know if vampires are forced to stay awake during the day we suffer from the bleeds.  So please attempt to recollect what caused you to rise.  I know it’s an emotional time for you and last night particularly upsetting.  I never considered that you may be able to move about during the day.  It may be due to you being a fae hybrid prior to my turning you.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation and if need be record your rest.  My concern is for you Sookie.”  Eric assures her.  “Tonight we need to appear at Fangtasia.  Work and vampires wait for no-one.  Come, you can drive while I attend to outstanding emails regarding our businesses.  Real Blood is diversifying into miniature sample bottles this month.  Most of the work has been completed, but there is always some follow up required on unforeseen issues.”


Arriving at Fangtasia, after Sookie’s careful driving, gives Eric pause.  He has selected his Second in Command and she will arrive in the Area later this night.  Clara had been travelling through Canada when he contacted her, asking, if she would consider the position.  She was agreeable and wasted no time arranging her journey to his Area.  The vampires of his Area will meet her after 2am. Her plane’s arriving at Shreveport’s Airport in an hour.  Clara had been a nest mate of Godic’s for more than eighty years and is known for her pragmatism.  She will complement his leadership style, plus allow him to spend more time with his newest Childe.


Sookie walks with him to his office.  Situating herself on the couch she begins talking, “I remember going to rest after having my bath.  Thank you for recommending a warm bath.  It did help ease some of my discomfort.  I died for the day.  Sometime during the day, I’m not sure what time, I woke feeling physically ill.  I had no problem getting to the bathroom.  There weren’t any bleeds Eric.  If anything was on my face it was tears from the pain of being ill.  I remember dreaming.  More of a nightmare really.  It was the night it happened, the night I was attacked.  I didn’t dream of the rapes or assault but what led up to it.  I felt so helpless.  They were surrounding me, touching me, saying horrible things to me.  It was awful.  I couldn’t get them to stop.  They just kept on and on.  Jason, of course, had disappeared to I don’t know where, it was with some girl.  There were five of them.  They kept going on and on.  They’d take turns telling me what they were going to do to me.  The worse bit.  The worse bit Eric, was, that I could hear in their minds what they really wanted to do to me.  I feel sick even thinking about it.  Then I woke and rushed to the bathroom knowing I was going to be sick.  There was no noticeable feeling about being awake during the day.  Tthe next thing I remember is rising from our bed with your note on my chest.  What does this mean?  I’m not normal, am I?  I’m never normal.  Even in my afterlife I’m still a freak.”  Sookie continued to rant, her insecurities making her incoherent.


Eric, keen to head off an emotional breakdown calls to his Childe, “Sookie.  Sookie.  Who wants to be average?  Who wants to be normal?  That is what is so attractive about you, my Childe.  Your wildness.  Your light.  Your fae essence gives you such an elegant exterior.  You glowed amongst the dullard humans.  Get over this slavish desire to be normal.  There is no normal.  There is drab, there is mundane.  Who wants to be one of the herd?  You stand out.  And.  You are Mine.  My Childe.  My incentive to continue to exist.  Without you the Universe wouldn’t still exist.  If I lost you I would end everything and everyone.  You were never normal and nor should you want to be normal.  You are too exquisite.  Now come here.  Let me hold you.”


Straddling her Maker, Sookie hugs him.  Eric runs his hands up and down her back, slowly working his hands under her crumpled top.  A knock on the office door interrupts his attempt to rid her of the damn thing.  He’s hoping to ease her into physical intimacy, getting her over the nightmare of the rapes.  She mightn’t be able to admit what happened to herself, but Eric is more than willing to.  He has her memories and he doesn’t forget nor forgive.  He’s more than willing to torture them just to make one of them feel better.


Beckoning the visitor to enter, he turns his Childe around so she too faces their visitor.  Thalia nods to them both and addresses Eric.  “I have all five, Sheriff.  They are secured at the warehouse.  The brother has not been obtained.  Just tell me when.  I shall enjoy that hunt.”  A rare smile graces her face.


Eric acknowledges Thalia report and dismisses her.  Sookie turns to him, “What was that about?”


“Area business” he quickly replies.  Then to turn her attention elsewhere, and he admits to himself, to distract her from her distressing recollections of ‘that night’ Eric suggests that she may wish to go through the costumes Pam had stored in her office.  “Keep what you want, any others I’ll have valued and sold on consignment.  There are receipts for the entire wardrobe, so what you keep I’ll pay retail price to reimburse Pam for her Fangtasia costumes.  Those that she personally paid for that is, some I know she charged to me or to the business.”  Knowing that her Maker has business that a five day old vampire shouldn’t be privy to, Sookie complies with his suggestion and departs to explore the depths of her older sister’s Fangtasia costumes.  She too wants something to occupy her time, rather than dwell repeatedly on what happened five weeks ago.


Eric focuses on obtaining a novelty vampire to sit on the throne of Fangtasia for the masses to admire.  He’s inspecting the photos of the three potentials.  Engaging a replacement for himself ensures he has more time for his newest Childe.  Sookie’s easy transition from fae hybrid to vampire is spectacular.  Her ability to daywalk is of great concern.  Her inability to remember rising may spell danger.  He needs guards to keep her safe if she ventures out of their residence during the day.  Additional security is negotiated for his Childe, while waiting for Clara to present herself.  He won’t take any risks with Sookie’s safety.  Now that she’s his he isn’t letting her go, ever.  She’s his eternal companion.  Her paperwork, as a newly turned vampire, has been filed with all the appropriate authorities.


He has another hour before the new Second in Command will arrive at the bar.


While attending to all this and his business ventures he continually monitors their bond.  His confidence in Sookie is absolute and any harm to his Childe means the perpetrator will be dealt with immediately and permanently.  There will be no mercy.  Her wellbeing and happiness are his only motivation now.  Feeding calm through to Sookie, Eric seeks her out in Pam’s old office slash wardrobe.


Eric’s astounded at the amount of clothes piled in the small office.  He can’t believe that there is this many outfits stored in the office.  Above all he can’t believe that he’d written most of the expenses off for outfits the past ten years as essential uniforms.  He admits to himself that he’s relieved that his newest Childe is not a slave to fashion and pop culture.


“Sookie you in here?” he calls into the office.


Her blonde head appears from behind a pile of clothing.  “Can you believe all this?” she exclaims, waving her arms to encompass the piles of clothing scattered around the small office.  “There’s so much here.  I can’t believe that she wore all this.  Look at this corset, Eric.  Even if we don’t breathe no-one could fit into this.”  Sookie holds the aforementioned corset above her head for him to examine before placing it on a pile of clothing.


“What have you decided to do with the outfits?” he asks of her.


“I need a camera for the outfits back there.  I’ll photograph each outfit and list them on eBay.  These ones in front of me look expensive, we can probably sell the costumes through a fetish outlet.”  Pointing to the pile against the far wall, Sookie continues, “Those can be put in shadow boxes and hung throughout the bar, just for fun you know.”  Eric’s impressed with her organisational skills.  Then remembers that before she was ill, Pam had said she was running the old Merlotte’s Bar in Bon Temps after the Shifter moved away.  That is another thing they needed to discuss, what she wants to do with her human assets.  Not now though, his Childe looks as if she is thoroughly enjoying herself.  He knows from their bond that she is content with her chore.


Sookie has always been happiest when she’s busy.  She’s always afraid that people will think of her as a freeloader.  Her Gran had drummed into her thick skull that she needed to work to be considered a valuable member of society.  This had been one of their ongoing disagreements when she and Eric were together previously, she was always worried about being considered a kept woman, whatever that was.  Now as her Maker he can spoil her in every way he could imagine.  He’s determined that she’ll learn to graciously accept  any and all gifts he wants to shower her with without thinking of any ulterior motives or what others may think of her.


“There’s a camera in the safe.  There should be enough memory cards to store and log the items here.  Have you itemised the outfits?  The laptop on the desk is loaded with the newest applications.  Pam never used passwords so use it for this task.  Clara will have another purchased for herself.  Pam had so much junk loaded on hers it’s easier to replace the electronic devices than sort through them.  If you want it for yourself, grab it Sookie.  We’ll take it home and go through it.  After that my dayman will take it to my technicians and have what’s essential copied for Clara.”


Eric offers to Sookie.  “What can I do?”  He asks.


“Go look mysterious and brooding sitting on your throne.  I’m happy here sorting through this.”  Sookie assures him and then asks, “Can we have this all moved back to our house so I can get it finished?  Clara won’t want all this in her office.”


“I’ll get it all hauled to our warehouse.  There’s enough room there.  You’ll want to purchase a mannequin to dress up with the costumes for the individual photos.  There’s a white walled room which can be set up so you can photograph the outfits.  We’re going to be spending some time there so you can work on this, if you don’t want to participate in what I’m doing.  Now I’m off to sit and be idolised by the unwashed masses.  Come join me if you want,” Eric offers.  Then continues without waiting for Sookie to answer, “I know what I’d do.  Kranzte should be here in three days then he can be Fangtasia’s top tourist attraction, I’ll not miss this part of the night displaying myself for them to grovel at my feet.”


With that he leaves Sookie alone in the Second’s office and makes his way to his throne nodding acknowledgement at the occasional vampire sitting in the bar. He struggles not to lash out at the patrons, as word spreads that he’s in attendance tonight.  Humans stand on their chairs to get a glimpse of him striding to his throne.  He isn’t anything other than a zoo exhibit.  It’s demeaning.  It brings in money, but he has more than enough for himself and Sookie.  He needs to review his business plan here.  Fangtasia has the potential to be turned into a franchise.  This could be something he and his Childe can investigate and develop together.  Teaching her will bring them closer than just their personal intimate relationship.


It’ll also encourage her to maybe further her education.  Eric knows Sookie didn’t attend University, due to what she calls her disability.  He’d heard enough from her about how difficult school was with everyone’s thoughts constantly assailing her shields.


Their night progresses without incident.  Eric completes his briefing with Clara and Sookie continues to sort through Pam’s Fangtasia costumes.  Sookie is describing each outfit and logging it on a spreadsheet.  He continues to monitor her through their bond, from his throne, while dealing with Area 5 emails on his phone.


Clara is amused with the amount of costumes Pam had stored in the small office.  She chats with Sookie realising that being friends with the Sheriff’s Childe would lessen the formalities between herself and The Viking.  She’d heard of the famed Telepath and finds her to be charming though somewhat naïve.  For not even a week old vampire she’s remarkably composed.  There’s something otherworldly about her.  The Viking will have his hands full, if the rumours of them being Bonded prior to her turning are true.


Sookie gathers the last pile of Pam’s costumes and packs them in the empty carton.  All the rest has already been hauled to the warehouse.  With a glance around to see if she has missed anything and a relieved smile to Clara she says “It’s all yours.  Sorry it was such a mess when you arrived.  Eric didn’t tell me what time you were expected.  Do what you want with the office, I think there is an expense account if you want to redecorate.  I’ll ask Eric.  No-one, absolutely no-one, needs this much pink in their lives.”  With that she hurriedly exits Clara’s new office leaving her alone with the pink walls and floor.


Eric joins Sookie outside.  The van has already left to deliver his errant Childe’s Fangtasia costumes to the warehouse.  They are needed to be there too.  Holding Sookie’s hand they walk to their car.  “Clara is fine for the moment catching up with Area 5 activity.  The bar can run itself until closing.  We need to get on with completing the last of nights’ tasks.”  He says to his youngest Childe as he closes her passenger car door.  Getting behind the wheel and starting the car, he revs the engine, just to feel the power of the car, and turns to her.  “At the warehouse the costumes can be sorted at your leisure.  It doesn’t have to be completed tonight.  Pam always told me girls like to dress up.  Have some fun with it, take your time.”  Encouraging her to enjoy what would be a boring task for any male and knowing that Thalia would burn the lot.


Merging into the traffic as they exit the Fangtasia parking lot he continues speaking, “What you need to know and I don’t want you to get upset about.”  Eric takes an unneeded breath.


Sookie turns to him and quickly asks, “What?  What is it you don’t want me getting upset over?  What is it?”  She persists in asking.


“Let me finish Childe.”  Eric states.  “What I don’t want you to get upset about is, I ordered Thalia to capture and secure your rapists.  She got the last two earlier tonight on their way home from a local bar.  All five are now in the warehouse cells awaiting my pleasure.  They will beg for death before I have them healed in preparation for my entertainment the following night.  They will know unbearable pain.  They will lose appendages.  They spend what time they have left in pain or waiting for me to hurt them.  Anticipation is sometimes the worst type of torture.  They will suffer Sookie.”


Navigating the traffic he continues “They hurt you.  Remember, I have your memories.  I know what they did.  I know how you felt when those animals were hurting you.  I know how you felt hiding in your house hoping that it was all just a nightmare, but each day looking in the bathroom mirror and realising it did happen.  You, who didn’t ask for any of that.  You, who’d served these pathetic animals at the bar with a smile night after night, week after week.  They repay you by violating you.  The cowards.  They’re going to pay.  Whether you want to take part in this or not, they’re going to suffer.  They hurt you Sookie.  They hurt you.  This isn’t allowed.  If I hadn’t discovered out how sick you were, you would’ve died.  The universe wouldn’t exist today if you’d died.  I can’t imagine continuing my existence without you.  I wouldn’t allow the universe to exist without you.  I would and will destroy everything, and everyone, if you aren’t here.  You, Sookie, you are my reason to continue to exist.  I realised this when I looked at you in your farmhouse, barely alive.  So my Childe, I’m going to dish out some hurt.  If you want to participate you’re welcome to.  If you don’t.  You have Pam’s outfits to catalogue, photograph and list on eBay to distract you.  I’ll be in another part of the warehouse, you’re safe there, no-one can hurt you.  No-one will ever hurt you again.”  Eric assures her.  “I’ll be with you for the rest of eternity.  We’ll spend our time together exploring and enjoying ourselves.”


Explaining to his Childe his plans, “My contract to the Area has less than three years to run.  By then you’ll have found your balance as a vampire.  Though, even now, with how old you are, only days old, you’re adjusting extremely well” he praises her.  “It’s something I’m looking forward to, us travelling and exploring.  I know I’m going to enjoy being by your side and watching you discover the universe.”


Eric continues, “Tonight I get to enjoy hurting those who gravely hurt you.  Tonight I get to exact some revenge on those who believe that it’s their right to take what they want without due consideration.  I’m doing this for me too Sookie.”  He assures her, “For all those times I was powerless.  The times I was violated and abused by monsters who felt they were entitled to rape me, maim and mistreat me.  Those that take what’s not theirs to take.  I’m going to inflict some payback on these five rapists for both of us.  They are worthless animals, humans, who should be deleted from the gene pool.  I’m going to ensure that natural selection is given a helping hand in eliminating them from that pool.  It’s for both of us,” he says with a smile.


Sookie sits quietly in the car as they drive to the warehouse listening to Eric and remembering what happened and how she felt and still feels.  She’s confused, she wants to join in hurting them.  From the moment Eric said he’d had them captured she’s wanted to make them hurt as much as she had suffered.  Then she starts to feel guilty for wanting them to bleed, feel their fear.  She doesn’t know what she wants.  The more she thinks about what she can do to Rich, Matty and Travis the more excited she’s becoming.  She’s confused!


“Eric, I want to hurt them.  I want Matty and Rich to bleed.  I want to hear them scream and beg.  I want them to beg like I begged them, begged them not to hurt me.  What’s wrong with me?  This isn’t me.  My Gran raised me a Christian, to forgive.  What’s wrong with me?”  She asks him with red rimmed eyes.


“Sookie, my Childe, you’re a vampire now.  Your baser instincts are more prominent.  The desire to avenge yourself is greater than your former human traditions.  You want to hurt them.  You want to bathe in their blood.  That’s you, Sookie the Vampire.  You’re no longer human.  Your body is animated through magic.  Your wants and desires have changed.  Just like you only drink blood now instead of eating food for sustenance.  You want to hurt them, that’s natural.  You’re a vampire now.  You’re my beautiful Childe.”  Eric explains to her as they pull into the warehouse lot.


Getting out of the car and coming around to open his Childe’s door for her to exit the car, he continued, “You can watch if you want.  You can inflict your own vengeance.  That is up to you.  But hear me, I will be exacting vengeance on them.  You cannot stop me and if you attempt to I will make it a Maker’s command.  They will not be allowed to live.  Their pain and blood will give me some satisfaction.  Their deaths will be after a long and painfully torturous experience.  They will be begging for death.  They can beg, but not until I’m satisfied will they be ended.” He snarled at her.  The memories of what was done to his delicate Childe prominent in his lust for retribution.


“I’m confused, Eric” Sookie whined.  “This isn’t like me.  I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone.  Well, except when they were hurting me, like Rene and Debbie.  They were trying to kill me.  The vamp hordes I was fighting for my life and the lives of my family and friends plus the townspeople.”  She went on, “Now I want to hurt these fuckers, hurt them so bad, watch them bleed.  Is this a vampire thing?” she asks of her Maker.


“Yes.”  Eric replies succinctly.  “You’re a vampire now.  You are my vampire, Childe,” he says smiling as they enter through the small door beside the larger roller door of the warehouse.  Looking around he points to a small enclosed area on the upper level of the warehouse.  “The costumes are up there.  There’s another laptop up there for you to use too.  Don’t use Pam’s old one.  Too much information on it pertaining to Area administration.  You’ve got the bars spare one.  Use it, abuse it.  It doesn’t matter what happens to it.  It’s due to be upgraded in two months, they’ll all be replaced for tax purposes in business write downs.”  Eric hesitates and says, “Again, you’re welcome to join me at any time down in the cells and interrogation area where I’ll be dealing with your rapists.”  Eric reminded his Childe, pointing to the heavy looking door.


“I’m too conflicted as to why I want to hurt them.  Too new to want to bathe in bloodshed.  All those human things you’ve talked about.  I still feel them, Eric.  I want to hurt them, but I know if I did I wouldn’t feel right.  I feel unwell just thinking about it at the moment.  Plus I don’t know how I’d react if I saw them again.  The thought of touching them for any reason gives me the chills.  I know I’m not meant to have human emotions but I do.  I’ve got enough nightmares without adding to my repertoire.  I thought vampires died for the day, they didn’t have dreams.  I’m having nightmares.  Even as a vampire I’m a freak.  How can ….. ”


Eric instantly cuts her off before she spiral into a well of self-pity.  “Childe!  Sookie!  Sookie, listen you are under a week old.  You were brought over in traumatic circumstances.  You are an extremely new, or young if you like, baby even, you are a new vampire.  Your grandfather was Niall Brigant, Prince of the Fae Realm.  As a hybrid, unlike Jason and Hadley, you had the essential spark.  Now you are a fae vampire.  The essential spark died with your humanity, you’ve retained your telepathy.  Yes, your shields are a lot stronger and you haven’t lowered them.  Nor have I asked you to utilise your natural ability.  As your Maker, I know you still have your telepathy, remember, I have all your memories.  I don’t have your fae skills, talents or abilities but I’m aware that you have retained them.  That is a discussion for another time.  You are not the only vampire fae hybrid in existence.  You are rare, actually you are spectacular and more importantly, you are MINE.  Never forget that, you are MINE, I will never release you.  We will be together for eternity.  You don’t have to participate tonight, I’m not going to force to.  You’ve only used violence to defend yourself.  I’m aware of that.  I only asked so you didn’t think I was excluding you.  Or hiding it from you.  We’ll have no secrets.  This’ll be for both of us.  As your Maker, I’ll represent both of us.  Thalia is also taking part.  There’ll be only the two of us with those animals.  No-one else knows.  I haven’t told anyone.  Thalia only knows I wanted these five secured.  She doesn’t know the reason.  She doesn’t have to know the reason.  She is one of my oldest acquaintances.  Her special vampire talent is her ability to hunt and track any quarry.  She’ll assist.  I know she’ll enjoy it and if they disclose or confess any transgressions she’ll remain silent.  Unknown to most, Thalia has been one of my closest confidents for centuries.  She won’t judge nor gossip.  Ever.”


Walking further into the depths of the warehouse after directing his troubled Childe to the stairs to begin her clothing sorting he calls back to her “I’ll come see you in three hours.  There’s a shower down here.  You won’t be subject to the results of my session with the animals.  We’ll be back at our residence before dawn.  There’s blood in the fridge up there, consume two bags before I see you next, tonight.  Continue feeding Sookie, it calms you.  Hunger feeds your emotions at your age, it generates the instability you witness in new vampires.”


Eric opens the door to the cells.  He was naked.  It wouldn’t do to soil his clothing.  Everything else will wash off down the drain.


Thalia, also naked, is waiting, poking a steel rod into the middle cell.  Abuse can be heard coming from the cell. The entire area, thanks to Eric’s design, is soundproof.  It wouldn’t do for trespassers to alert the pesky human authorities.  He opens the locked cupboard beside the door.  Inside are various implements that obviously had multiple functions.


“Where to begin?” he asks himself before calling out, “Thalia, bring out your prey, let’s have some fun.”


He turns smiling as he holding a cat-o’-nine-tails in his left hand.  He’s looking forward to this.  Eager to begin he flicks the whip through the air scaring the first extremely reluctant ‘patient’ being escorted out of his cell by Thalia.


Obscenities are being shouted by the occupants of the other cells.


“This animal’s called Matty, Sheriff,” Thalia introduces the prisoner to Eric.  “I caught him as he was attempting to molest a female girl.  She was screaming for her mother.  He was laughing and forcing a rag into her mouth.  The little girl was glamoured to report her attempted abduction and rape to the Police when I dropped her off outside the Miden Police Station.  That should keep them busy and keep his family from attempting to locate him for the next month or so.


“You have done well Thalia” Eric commends her.  “Distracting the human authorities gives us more time with these animals.  I’m looking forward to intimately getting under the skin of these five.  By the end they will be begging…”


The door to the cells opens.  His Childe stands there looking determined and oh so delicate.  “My Childe” he acknowledges, smiling at her.  “Have you come to have some fun?”


Sookie nods at Thalia in recognition.  “Fun?  I don’t think what you and your hunter have in mind is considered fun by those who she captured.  Then again, as I was sorting through the costumes, I glanced up and noticed my reflection in the window.  It was the face of a scared woman.  I didn’t like that.  I’m not one to avoid unpleasantness because I’m afraid.  I refuse to be afraid of these five rapists.  They had their fun, now I’m going to have some fun.  The fun they had with me will be the last bit of pleasure they will ever experience.”


If she wasn’t a vampire she would be blushing at the two of them naked.  She’s not sure where she should look, then decides its probably for the best that they have no clothing on.  Her Maker assured her that this would get messy, laundering their bloody clothes would be impossible.  Grimacing to herself she makes the brave decision to maintain eye contact with both vampires.


Looking at the captive, “Eric, the rapist Thalia holds is called Matty.  His wife Shirley won’t miss him, probably won’t even report him missing.  Then again, she did take a $100,000 insurance policy out on him three months ago.  That will help with raising their sons.  Plus it’ll help with the new one.  Though that one isn’t his.  Its father is Rich.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Yes, even amongst themselves they can’t keep their hands and other parts confined.  What was that saying we all learnt at Sunday School?  Right, that’s it.  Do not convert thy neighbour’s wife.  They didn’t learn.  Each of them was having it off with the others wives and girlfriends.  Bet they didn’t know that?  None of them had one bit of respect for the others.  They called themselves friends.  They are animals and fed off each other.  Animals”


Sookie quickly approaches Matty.  Eric shadows her movements to protect his Childe from danger.  Snarling at him in Thalia’s grasp, she reaches up and grasps his neck.  Her small hand covering the front of his throat.  “Here, Matty.  Here’s some of MY fun.”  She closes her eyes and straightens the arm and tightens her hand clasping at his throat.


Matty begins to convulse.  “No.  No.  Make it stop.  Please, make it go away.”  He starts to scream, gasping for breath.  Thalia, with her vampiric strength holds him upright as he blankly stares at nothing.  He then screams again and blindly attempts to escape her clutches.


Eric orders Thalia, “Put him back in his box.  He’s done.  You’ll be explaining this to us.  Won’t you my Childe?”  He turns to Sookie, “What exactly have you done?”  He asks her over the screams of the hallucinating Matty.  “Don’t tell me yet.  Wait till Thalia has secured him.  We’ll go into the other room where the prisoners aren’t able to hear.  I find its better when they don’t know what’s going to happen to them.  The suspense is half the process of breaking them.  Come.”  Holding out his hand he clasps Sookie’s and walks towards a third closed door.


“Thalia, when you’re ready please join us.”  He calls back to her.


“My Sookie, you have hidden gifts?  Gifts you haven’t told me of.”  Eric questions her, then adds, “I need to know everything to be able to protect you, my Childe.  Don’t leave anything, and I mean anything, out.”


Thalia enters and closes the door.  She suggests to the pair, “Let’s sit.  I don’t think this is going to be a short explanation.”


Eric seats his Childe on his lap.  Holding and reassuring her that he was not angry only concerned that he didn’t know of this talent.  He’s feeding pride and reassurance into their bond.  Eager to discover what his Childe has done to the male, he begins to ask his questions, “What was that?  Why is he screaming and convulsing?  You only touched him briefly.  What did you do?”


Sookie settles on his lap and turns to face him.  Speaking directly to him, “We hadn’t seen or communicated with each other until the night you came to my farmhouse.  During the five years we’ve been apart I’ve been experimenting with my telepathy.  It sort of started when Bill attempted to have me use my light on him when he wanted to end himself.  I didn’t, as by then my otherness was part of me, I accepted it.  I wasn’t going to use it all up on him.  As you know I staked him instead.  It was revolting, Eric, honestly he was lying in his own grave next to his human wife’s grave.”  Her whole body shudders in revulsion at the memory.  “So it got me thinking, what can I do?  If I can hear thoughts and shoot light from my hands, what else?  Sam was a disappointment, you know.  He wanted me to settle down immediately and breed.  We hardly knew each other intimately.  We were partners in the bar for a while and before that Boss/employee.  I always knew he liked me more than I liked him, but I wasn’t going to have children with him if we weren’t compatible.”


Eric shakes her, “Sookie, enough of the Shifter.  Concentrate.  What did you do in there?  How long have you been able to do it?  Who knows you can do that?  What else can you do?  I need to know what I’m dealing with.  How can I keep you safe if I don’t know?”  He persists in reminding her of his original queries.


Thalia grunts in agreeance.  Not wanting to know the personal details of The Viking’s new Childe.


Sookie huffs in annoyance.  She’s using the story to delay revealing the information.  It’s not often she can get one over him.  Enjoying his exasperation, she playfully wiggles on his lap.  Eric feeds his frustration to her through their bond wanting her explanations.


Thalia can tell that there is more going on than what’s being said.  “Sookie, what can you do?  We need to know so you can be kept safe,” she pleads with her.  Silently shaking her head, baby vampires, they are annoying at the best of times.  This one being her Sheriff’s newest Childe, she’s unsure how strongly she can admonish her.  “Tell us or leave so their suffering can begin.”


“Alright, alright.  You guys are no fun.”


“What’s got into you, my Childe?”  He asks of her.


“I decided to listen to you for once.  I’m not going to be a victim.  Those five bastards raped me.  They hurt me.  But as you said I can’t continue to live in that pain.  I know I’ll regress now and then, but no, I’m not going to let their brutality rule my existence.”


“Sookie, enough.”  Eric sternly tells her.  He grounds out “What.  Can.  You.  Do?”  Giving her a hard shake with each word.  “What did you do in there?  Tell me, now,” he orders her.


Sookie attempts to get off Eric’s lap and sit in her own chair.  Eric is having none of that and holds her to him.  She looks at Thalia.  “Sorry.  I’m sorry, alright.  I figured out all this stuff I can do and had no-one to share it with.  All of them were wary of me.  They knew I can hear their thoughts and most of the time I shielded so I didn’t.  Then I began seeing if I could push my thoughts onto them.  Like, how you guys can glamour humans.  Though instead of causing dark holes on their brains that you get from a glamour you can’t tell what I’ve done.  There’s no trace that I’ve been manipulating their brains.  I tested it out on the drunks at the bar.  Mostly, so, if there was an accident it could be blamed on them being drunk.  Jason had an idea I was up to something but didn’t want to know too much.  He can always feel when I’m reading his thoughts.  That’s easier with Jason because he comes across as a simpleton, so like me he’s not believed when he says he can feel me.”


“So, let me get this straight” Eric interrupts, wanting information rather than a trip down history avenue, “You touched that male human, Matty?  You touched him and he starts convulsing and won’t stop screaming.  Sookie, what did you do to him?”  He again asks beginning to lose patience with his flighty Childe.


“I touched him.  It’s similar to when I listen to someone.  If I’m touching them, skin on skin I get a clear picture, no interference.  So I touched him, and you’re right his name is Matty.  I touched him and pushed my nightmares into him.  He’s reliving being raped over and over.  He’ll relive it until I stop it.  The best thing, Eric.”  Sookie turns to him excitedly.  “The best thing is that as he becomes more hysterical he feeds into the nightmare making it worse.  His fears generate a different rape.  They just go on and on until I stop it.”


“So, my Childe, when you were being raped by these five animals.  Why didn’t you push the nightmares into them?”  He asks.  Patience, he reminds himself, she’s young.  “Why?  Why didn’t you do anything when you were being assaulted?”  Eric asks her.


“I panicked.  They were old school friends of Jason.  They are married men.  I didn’t believe that I was in danger.  When Jason disappeared with that girl.  Now that I think about it, what was an unattached female doing there?  I bet they set that up to get him out of the way.  They know Jason can’t resist.  He has to go to bed with every girl he meets,”  Sookie did the air quotes to “go to bed” while telling Eric the memory forgetting that he now had the memory of that time.  “I was scared.  They kept touching me.  I wanted them to stop touching me.  I got dizzy and eventually did faint.  When I came to they had my panties off and my top was ripped.  All I could think of was to get them to stop.  Stop them pushing into me.  It was horrible.  And I flashed back to when René tried to kill me.  I was scared, all I could think of was to get them to stop.”  Sookie sobbed into Eric’s chest.


He hugged her closer to him, silently signalling to Thalia to leave to give his Childe some privacy as she was swamped with memories of that night.  Rubbing his hands gently over her back he shushes her trying to calm her down.  He croons her name over and over.


Speaking quietly, Eric praises his Childe, “I’m very proud of you.  You came down to the interrogation cells knowing who was here.  You approached that animal.  The bastard who kept pinching you, the one that gave you the tranquilliser that night.  Travis may have been the one to arrange the distraction for your brother, the one you hurt is the one who initiated the whole plan.  It was never about catching up.  Don’t ignore what you heard beneath all their rabid desires, don’t ignore that.  You know, this was planned.  Their wives were all conveniently busy.  The unknown women.  Curtis trying to ply you full of alcohol.  When that didn’t work, drugging you.  Dunc making sure you couldn’t get to a doorway and get out of the room.  Rich hiding your bag with your cell phone in it.  It was all planned.  Now you have to accept that they always meant to hurt you.  They were going to rape you that night Sookie.  You couldn’t have known your shields were up.  You have this undeserved respect for humans.  The same humans that have looked down on you your entire human life.  Humans that made fun of you and tried to make you believe that you were defected, disabled and of no consequence.”  He continues to rub his hands over her back, nuzzling her neck as he speak quietly sharing memories of her human life.


There was a quiet tap on the door.  Thalia was returning.


Eric straightened in his chair.  “We have three hours before sunrise.  I want Travis, the dark haired one with the moustache.”  He instructs Thalia, “Take him into the next room.  Let’s see if he likes to be pinched as much as he liked doing it.  Make sure the pinchers are hot.  It’ll give him something to think about while we rest for the day.”


Standing, with Sookie still in his arms, he bends and gently places her on their chair.  “Stay here Childe.  I’ll have an hour or two with him.  The other three can be watered down with freezing water for the last thirty minutes of the session.  With the white noise I’ll be feeding into their cells, they’ll be uncomfortable all day.”  Turning around as he is about to exit the room he reminds his Childe that she still had blood to drink before they rest.



CHAPTER SIX:  Working Through The Pain



WARNING:  Descriptions of rape and torture.  If dismayed by the subject please skip the Chapter.




Eric carries Sookie to their bed.  He sits beside her as memories of her being repeatedly raped flash through his brain on a continuous loop.  He fucking hopes Thalia has the five ‘will be dismembered’ rapists at the warehouse soon.  He didn’t get to personally punish Pam.  Someone needs to hurt as much as Sookie and he wants to personally ensure they are in exquisite agony.  He is seeing his newest Childe being raped repeatedly and feel her every emotion expressed tenfold.  He needs to channel his anger and aggression, growling wasn’t helping Sookie be calm.  Eric can admit to himself that he likes the thought of torturing Sookie’s rapists, their pain, and ultimately their deaths, will satisfy this need to hurt those that defiled his newest Childe.  He smirks to himself, these five won’t be dead for many a month.  He may keep one or two on hand for his Childe to learn and practice on.  The healing qualities of vampire blood comes in handy when wreaking vengeance.


On their bed Sookie has retreated into downtime.  He can’t feel any of her distress in their bond at the moment.  Yet, if he moves his hand from her leg she stirs and begins to whimper.  He wants to kill someone, slowly and with great precision.  But.  Sookie, his beautiful tortured Childe needs him her with her.  As her Maker, Sookie’s needs have to come first.  She better be over this not hurting the humans.  He’ll teach her not just how to inflict distinct levels of pain, how to prolong their pain and create sheer agony in the subject, not just physically either.  Sookie will learn that those who hurt her in any manner will not have long to regret the harm his Chile.  All she has to do is get over her human ethics, which he admits may be a trial.  She’s too young and still retains some of her human characteristics and beliefs.  They won’t last long under his tutelage.


Taking the bull by the horns.  Who the fuck came up with that saying?  What idiot would do something like that?  Humans, who can figure them out?  Back to the subject.  Eric metaphorically shakes his head.  Back to Sookie.


“Sookie” he calls to her.  “Sookie.  Come back to me.  Focus on me, not the past.  You’re here with me in our bedroom.  Sookie,” he calls to her as he moves his hand from her leg.


“Eric?”  Sookie whimpers softly.  She’s lying there with her arms holding her knees to chest.  “It was horrible.  The pain, they wouldn’t stop.  I kept begging them to stop and they wouldn’t.”  She sobs turning to face him.  Her face streaked red from crying.


Sookie curls up into herself.  She clutches her knees and rocks back and forth sobbing quietly.  “I called out for someone, anyone, to help me.  For them to stop.  They wouldn’t stop.  They just laughed and kept holding me down.  Over and over.  It felt like forever.  I hurt all over and they just kept getting on top of me.  They just wanted sex anyway they could get it.  They didn’t care they were hurting me.  It was fun to them,” she whispers to him.  Eric’s aware if he didn’t have supernatural hearing he wouldn’t have heard her last comment.  She looks so small and dejected on their California bed.


Eric quietly speaks to her.  “Sookie.  Sookie.  Come Childe”, he calls to her “we’re going to feed, the donors have arrived.  After you feed we’ll discuss what happened.  You need the fresh blood.  Come.”


Sookie’s body trembles as she continues to rocks herself on the bed.  Eric can feel her despair, the memories he has of her calling out for help while they laughed and lined up to have another go with her, play over and over with him.  He wants to kill something, anything.  Now!  Instead he supresses his needs and concentrates on his anguished Childe.


“Sookie,” he calls to her.  “Come back to me, come back to now.  Don’t keep replaying it.  I know how badly they hurt you.  They will pay with their lives,” he vows to her.


“You are already a magnificent Childe.”  He praises Sookie.  “You will be a legendary vampire.  One who will be spoken about for eons,” reassuring her.  “I am your Maker.  You are my eternal companion.  The Viking and The Telepath.  Together we’ll traverse the universe.”  He pronounces, standing there in front of the bed proudly.


“But first we must get through what happened when you were raped by those subhuman redneck inbred swine.”  Eric enunciates harshly.


He rises and walks toward the door.  He turns back to the bed, Sookie had rolled over to follow his path through the room.  Her eyes are rimmed with blood tears, her cheeks have blood trails down her face.  It wasn’t a good look for her.


“You’d better clean your beautiful face.  Bloody tear streaks aren’t appealing on any of us.  You need to feed, Sookie.  I know you don’t feel like it but you’re a very young vampire and need to maintain your feeding schedule.  The current nagging hunger you’re experiencing will grow and become overwhelming.  The more ravenous you are the less in control you’ll be.  I need for us to go to Fangtasia as Pam is no longer there to oversee the bar and the Area in my absence.  You’ll accompany me.  We’ll be doing a lot of this until I am able appoint a Second for the Area.”


He walks into the adjoining ensuite bathroom continuing his one-sided conversation.  “I’m thinking that the bar can be a partnership between the two of us.  A valuation of Pam’s interest in the bar will need to be obtained so we can buy her out.  I meant what I said regarding her financial situation, she will have cash at the end of her punishment.  There will be no joint investments, Pam will have her own portfolio.  Being totally independent of me will finally force her to grow up.  One can hope.”  Eric muttered the last comment to himself.  He laughs to himself not believing that just having Sookie by his side has loosened his rigid control.


“Eric, I’m sorry about earlier.  I thought, no I wasn’t thinking, was I?  I’m dealing with all the vampire stuff, but I still have to come to terms with how Jason just left me with them there so he could chat up that girl.  He knew what those guys were like.”  Sookie tries to explain.  She’s trying to ignore her recent jagged crying episode.


Sookie starts to become upset, again.  Eric, reliving that night again, is unconsciously feeding his anger in to their bond.  It isn’t helping either of them to calm down.  He walks back through the bedroom towards their dressing room.  Sookie still looks the picture of wretched misery lying on their bed.


Drawing on his years of tolerating insults and degradations until a time he can safely act, Eric turns to his Childe, “Sookie, as your Make I command you.  Cease thinking of that night.  Cease your crying.  Get up and get ready.  Tomorrow night, my Childe, I will take you somewhere to yell, scream and destroy things over and over until we’re forced to seek shelter.  Now, I command you to cease crying and thinking of that night.”  Vampire tears from any sex are unattractive and Eric has never had the patience to sit and comfort anyone, he’s more a physical vampire.  Pats on the back and a nod to the aggrieved or a quick three second clasp of the other being is all the reassurance he’s comfortable expressing.  His Childe he’ll hold, but he won’t allow her to continue wallowing in self-pity.  They have much achieve this night.


Sookie immediately complies.  She uncurls from her foetal position on the bed, rises, and proceeds to the bathroom.  The Maker’s command has worked to the extent that Sookie is no longer prostrate in her grief on their bed.  He can hear her in their bathroom muttering to herself.  Eric knows he’ll eventually pay for that command, but at the moment he doesn’t care.  Watching and feeling her distress, it couldn’t go on.  It wasn’t conducive to Sookie learning to deal with her psychological injuries, that was wallowing.  Not good.  Not healthy.  They’ll come home early tomorrow night and talk about it all.  He knows she’ll want to talk, and talk and talk.  Probably scream and throw things too.  Maybe they might do this outside where there is less property damage.  Certain that will work, Eric turns to tonight’s plans.


“We’ll feed,” he tells Sookie as she enters the dressing room in search of clothing for their night at the bar.  They still need to shop for her.  Money is no longer a consideration for her, he has more than enough for both of them.  All he needs is get her to shop without considering the expense.  “The donors are waiting, you need to feed to maintain your control.  We’ll be at Fangtasia until closing.  I’m interviewing for the Area Second in Command position.  You can sit with me in my office or sit with Thalia out in the bar.  Either way you won’t be alone.”  Eric assures her as they leave the bedroom.


Feeding doesn’t take too long, Sookie is yet to say a word.  Eric’s aware she’s is upset over the Makers’ command, he wasn’t prepared to allow her to continue to immerse herself in self-pity.  He’s conscious through their bond that her temper is simmering.  Better a tantrum than sobbing.  He knows that this is not ideal, continuing with night to night activities provides a routine.  Tomorrow night will be telling.  Tonight there may be causalities at the bar, and, mass glamouring if there’s fatalities, the tourists and regulars will certainly leave knowing that the vampires have entertained them and it’s well worth the price of their admission.


As they pull up to his parking space at Fangtasia, Eric turns to her, “I’m hoping that you will be up to some shopping later.  You need a total wardrobe.  While I’m interviewing you can shop online.  Don’t worry about the expense, in fact I order you not to look at the prices just buy what you like.  Your purchases can be delivered to the bar during the day and my dayman will bring them to our residence.  This is all happening so fast, I didn’t plan for you to be turned.  I’m not prepared for the universe to exist without you.  We’ll talk about what led us to here tomorrow.  Somewhere in the open where you can scream, yell, jump up and down and destroy anything at hand.  Tonight I’m needed here and you’ll be with me, always beside me.” He explains as he raises his hand to cradle her head.  Silently hoping for some reaction from her before he has to begin the nights’ duties.


She looks at him as she opens the car door and shrugs her shoulders, exits the car, and walks towards the staff entrance.  She waits stoically by the locked door.  Eric is getting the silent treatment.  All he wants to do is get through the night and reassure his Childe.  He knows that this isn’t ideal and has the potential to blow up in his face.  His Childe is not even a week old, she’s displayed amazing restraint for three days as a vampire.  Given the circumstance he doesn’t expect it to last, but prays to all his Gods that she’ll remain composed tonight.  If she doesn’t they’ll deal with the fallout.


The following night Eric’s expectations played out as he watches Sookie vamp from one side of the secluded clearing to the other venting her wrath, anger and frustration.  Scattered around the perimeter of the clearing are an abundance of branches and freshly felled trees.  They got through last night unscathed.  Now he’s concerned about his Childe being ended by the potential wooden stakes, but he’s confident that he’ll be on her before she can inflict any permanent damage to herself.  The level of devastation to the area is impressive.  Her despair had graduated to rage.  That he can deal with.


Sookie’s outrage is an incredibly powerful emotion.  It’s as if all the previous insults, slurs and abuse she had suffered throughout her human life are being exorcised.  She stopped in front of him, her face a mask of fury.  “Why?  Why?  Why me?  What did I do Eric?  What did I do?  All I wanted was a normal life?  A life like any other person.  What’s wrong with me?  Why does everyone hate me?  Why?  Why?” She continues to ask of Eric.


Eric, being Eric decides that, that is enough of the destructive anger and aims to channel it towards something else before she can think about it too deeply.  He grabs her and kisses her mouth hard his tongue seeking entrance.  Sookie beats her fists against his chest.  She wants to rage at the unfairness of the world.  Eric wants something completely different.  The longer the kiss goes on the more she’s inclined to kiss him back.


Then she remembers it all again.  The flashback taking her to that horrible night.  All those foreign hands all over her body, in her body.  Relentless clutching grasping hands holding her immobile.  Their alcohol breath, their laughter, their grunts and the weight of their bodies on her.  The jokes about her breasts.  Their comments about her, as if she wasn’t a living feeling person.  Being held down as they each took turns raping her, violating her body and mind, tearing her up on the inside.  Sookie pushes away from Eric and vamps to the end of the clearing, her body heaving for unneeded breaths.  Sobs rack her.  She bends and places her hands on her knees as if she’s trying to catch her breath.


Finally Sookie stands up and turns to Eric.  “I can’t get past those, those men touching me, holding me down, raping me over and over.  Eric I can still smell them, I can feel their hands pinching and squeezing me.”  She sobs and speeds back to him.  “I can’t stop thinking about them every time, every time you initiate something intimate.  Eric I can’t stop remembering and feeling them all over me.”


Sookie runs to the northern edge of the clearing and screams “Why?”  She bends and picks a branch off the ground.  Flings it into the forest.  Startled birds can be heard taking flight in the darkness.  “Why, Eric?  Why?  Can’t you give me a Maker’s command not to remember that night and the days, weeks after it?  Can’t you command me to forget?” she yells at him.  “Eric, it hurts.  Every time, every time Eric.  Every time, all I can remember is their hands and foul stinking breath over me.  If you can’t make me forget, end me.  Please, just end me,” Sookie pleads with him.  “Don’t make me suffer this for eternity.  Please Eric, please.”  She begs and speeds to the opposite side of the clearing.


Eric is stunned.  He knows he can get her through this, he thought that they were at the anger stage.  Her despair and anger are ricocheting in the bond.  Never has he felt tumultuous emotions this extreme, even in his own dark times.  He vamps to her and gathers her in his arms.  Cradling her he whispers into her ear, “Never will I end you.  Never Sookie.  You are my Childe.  You are stronger than this.  Yes.  It hurts now.  It will hurt tomorrow night too.  I know, Sookie.  I know.  You aren’t the only one who’s been violated.  You won’t be the last person to be raped and discarded.”


He runs his hands up and down her back, speaking to her.  “Sookie.  You will overcome this.  Your emotions are raw.  Everything is recent.  Let me assure you, it will get easier, with time.  No.  You’ll never forget what happened, just like you’ve never forgotten how horrible the townspeople were to you throughout your human life.  You’ll always feel revulsion when you remember your human life.  I can’t do anything to change that.”


Looking down at her tear stained face, “Sookie make new memories.  Make those memories with me.  I’ll be with you for eternity.  The two of us.  Together.  Never separated.  We are blood bonded.  Our bonds give us more access to each other’s feelings.  I can feel you, now I need you to calm down and feel me through our bonds.  Feel me.  Don’t think of them, what they did to you, just feel me how I feel about you.  Concentrate on me, focus on my emotions.  What do you feel?  Do I feel as if you repulse me?  Do I feel as if you are any lesser because you were raped?  Concentrate, Sookie.  Concentrate on our bonds.”  He repeats to her and waits silently while she searches their bonds.


Sookie closes her eyes and takes another unneeded breath.  She leans against Eric while she does what he requests.  Feeling her Maker’s emotions, using his emotions to calm herself.  She stills, as only a vampire can.  “I can feel your love for me, Eric.  I can feel your pride in me.  No-one’s ever been this proud of me before.  You’re proud of me.  Me.  The four day old baby vampire.  What have I done to make you proud?”  Bewildered, she asks her Maker.


“You are my Childe.  My greatest achievement.  You’re belief in me to make things right.  I’ll exact revenge on those who hurt you, my Childe.  Your suffering will be their eternal pain.  Already Thalia has three of your rapists secured awaiting our attention.  The other two will be captured.  They will pay, Sookie, for what they did to you.  They will pay in blood, pain and eventually with their lives.  They won’t be able to enjoy anything ever again.  All they will know is unspeakable suffering.  Their nights will be pain, and their days, while we rest will be pain plus the anticipation of knowing when we see them there will be pain.  That is the rest of their lives, pain.  I am proud that you have survived.  I am proud at how superb a vampire you are.  You suffer, I suffer.  You delight, I am delighted.  What is yours is mine too.  Never forget we are together.  Never alone.  Together for eternity.”


Looking around at the destruction, Eric continues.  “I know this doesn’t help you in this instant.  You’re still so young.  Before I came to you at the farmhouse you’d spent weeks isolated without any support.  You’d refused to seek medical attention.  You’d felt too ashamed to venture out of your house.  Sookie I too have been raped.  Raped more than once.  Raped by more than one.  It happened to me.  I’m not trying to lessen your shame and despondency, but what I am saying you will survive this.  Together we can get you through this.  I know what you are feeling not just from our bonds, Sookie.  Because I’ve gone through this too.  You hurt.  You’re grieving the loss and the betrayal of your trust.  You’re angry they did this to you.  You’re angry no-one stopped them.  You’re angry they didn’t listen to you and stop hurting you.  You were raped Sookie.  You were violated.  More than once.  You were raped by five men who enjoyed hurting and humiliating you.  It’s not fair.  It’s never fair when power is used in such a despicable way.  We will have our revenge on those who hurt you.  You’re the only one I care about.  What happens to you is my only concern.”  Eric declares.


Hugging Sookie tightly to him, Eric takes to the air and hovers above the clearing they had been in.  “Look down Sookie.  Look at what your anger did.  Trees are destroyed, nothing more than kindling.  You did this.  Animals have lost their habitat.  Birds have lost their nests and nightly roosting places.  They were injured by your rage.  Sookie, they will recover and continue to live.  So will you.  I promise you, you will, with time, be able to look back at this violation and all the pain you feel now and know that you survived.  Now it’s time to be inside before the sun rises and inflicts more hurt upon you.  I’m taking us back to our residence.  There’s bagged blood for you before you rest.  You must continue to feed to be in control of your emotions.”


Flying back to their residence, Sookie reflects on all that Eric had said.  There was much about her Maker that she didn’t know.  His vast age weighed heavily.  Her insecurities rose through her pain.


“Why do you want me?  I’m damaged.”  She declares.  “Crazy Sookie is what I’m known as in Bon Temps, I was called names all my life by the townsfolk, despised at school and unable to go to university, due to my disability.  I’m raped not just physically.  No, the Faery has to listen to what they want to do to me not just what they are doing.  They think of me as deserving this, because I wouldn’t date any of them when they asked me out.  None of them was someone who I liked.  Why would I want to go out with any of them?  So they get my dumb brother drunk enough to be attracted to some girl they’ve line up for him.  They do that so they can get me alone.  They do that so they can show me.  Show me what I should have been doing, what they want me to do to them.  They laugh at me when I cry for them to stop.  They laugh when I call out for Jason.  My dumb stupid slut of a brother who can’t think with anything than his dick.  So what do they do?  What do they do?  They play, ‘let’s take turns with the crazy frigid bitch who thinks she too good for them’, they’ll show me.  And.  And.  They rape me!  They cheer themselves on, they suggest what the other should do to me.  Call out the moves like it’s a football game.  Me.  Me, I’m not real at this stage.  No they’re drinking and calling out plays like I’m some football field.  Do this.  Do that.  Squeeze that, see how the nipple sits up.  Pull it, pull it.  They do all that and I’m pleading for them to stop.  Do they?  No!  They’re having way too much fun.  I’m not human.  No.  I’m just there to learn that I shouldn’t say no when they ask me out.”  Sookie rants.


“So all this is happening to me” Sookie continues.  “All this is happening and I can hear their thoughts what they want to do.  One of them, Mickey, he wants to slice my left breast off and hang it on his bedroom wall.  He thinks it’ll be neat.  I not human to him.  I don’t have any feelings.  No.  I’m just there for his enjoyment.  I’m just a doll, I’m hurting, he doesn’t care.  Matty wants to shove his beer bottle in me and see how far it’ll go.  He’s always been curious how long a cunt is.  So he’s raping me and thinking how long a beer bottle he’d need before he’d know.  He doesn’t care at all about me.  He just wants to solve that puzzle.  But he knows he can’t, the other guys want to have another go.  They’ll be angry if I’m broken before their turns are finished.  I’m only good as long as my parts are working.  The other three.  The other three are worse.  You’ve got my memories Eric you know what they were thinking.”


She despondently clutches at his shirt.  “Now, now I’m scared Eric.  Scared that every time you’re going to touch me all I’m going to do is remember these five guys and what they did to me and what they wanted to do to me.”  Sookie cries and pleads with Eric, “I can’t exist like this.  I can’t exist scared that something will remind me of that and I’ll be back there with those five animals.  Those humans who didn’t care other than teaching me what happens, all because I refused to go on a date with any of them.  I hate them.  I hate them.  I hate that I hate them!  I wish them dead, Eric.  Me?  Me, who always valued human life wants these animals dead.  I want them to suffer.  Suffer like I did.  Suffer just because.  Just because I can make them suffer.  Suffer unspeakable pain.  Let them know that their suffering will end when they’re dead.  I want them to beg for it.  Beg for death.  Then I’m going to go ‘no can do, you haven’t learnt your lesson yet.  Suffer some more.’  I can watch as they get their hopes up that their torture will end then happily tell them ‘not today, not today you haven’t suffered enough’.  Eric I want them to beg for death, beg and beg.  They’ll only get relief when I want them to.  Let them see how they like being treated as nothing?  Let’s see if they can learn their lesson?”


“See what they’ve turned me into?”  Sookie rails at Eric.  “See?  I don’t care about them or their families.  All I care about is making them suffer as they made me suffer.  I have no feelings left Eric.  What has happened to me?  What?”  Sookie asks Eric sobbing, red tears running down her face as they both stand in the rear yard of the house.


Holding Sookie close to him, Eric’s feeling of helplessness is exacerbated with Sookie’s emotional turmoil in their bond.  He is flummoxed.  Having her memories, he thought would give him an understanding, but that understanding didn’t take into account her reactions to the rapists’ unspoken desires.  He feels as if he’s let his Childe down.  Experiencing her suffering, not just the memories, coupled with his memories of rapes that happened to him when he was a young vampire striking out on his own has him doubting himself.  Then it clicks this is Sookie’s self-doubt.  Hers.  They are too closely bonded.  He needs to analyze this.  The bonds can’t allow this weakness to be prevalent.  Threats could be made endangering both of them if he can’t differentiate between the two.


Eric picks up Sookie bridal style and walks into the house.  He places her on the kitchen bench while he warms her blood bags.  He knows she’ll require more blood than usual due to her emotional breakdown.  Sookie still isn’t talking and sniffles to herself letting the bloody tears drip without hindrance.  He grabs a cloth from the sink and raises her head to clean her face.  She is placid in his arms, not reacting to his care.  The microwave dings.  He grabs the bag from it and delivers it to his Childe.


“Drink, Sookie.  Don’t allow your pain to feed your hunger.  You need to be in control.  Drink this and two other bags before you go to rest.  You’ll have another bag while you have a bath.”  He tells her as he takes back the cloth from her lifeless hand.


Finishing off his own bag he hands the remaining heated blood bag to her to consume on the way to their bedroom.  “Have a warm bath Sookie before you rest.  Drink another bag while you’re bathing.  It’ll ease the tightness you feel in your body.  I’m going to finish up some work before I retire.”


Eric knows he needs some distance between he and his Childe.  The remnants of her emotional upheaval still echoes through their bond.  Sitting down in his office he organises his Sheriff duties so the new Second can commence the next night. It’s a good distraction.  Having someone who isn’t attuned to him, as his estranged Childe was, will take some adjustment.


Sookie’s bath did what Eric said it would.  She doesn’t ache.  She’s pleased her Maker suggested it.  Going to rest as tense as she had been wouldn’t help when she rose.  She wants to rise calmer.


Lying on their bed she looks back on the night.  She rose to Eric sitting on the end of the bed.  He patiently waited while she got ready for their night.  His dayman had delivered some of the previous night’s shopping adventure to the residence so there were new clothes to try on and put away.  It was nice just the two of them sorting through the packages and deciding where her things would be stored in the dressing room.  She even had her own side of the bed.  That felt strange.  She’d never had a side of the bed.  Hanging clothes with Eric was certainly an experience.  She smiles to herself.  He’d kept up a continual commentary on what would happen to some of her tops.  Her bras and panties were closely inspected.  He said she’d need a standing weekly order of thongs, he wasn’t going to continually wrangle them off her.  That was when she started getting flashbacks of them pounding into her.  The pinches and slaps together with them holding her down and jeering when she cried for help.  It bought it all back.


Thinking on it now, she knew Eric had expected her to react to his leering comments.  He was teasing her to get a response.  She was in his arms and out of the house before her first agonised cry had ended.  The feeling of flying through the night with his arms around her body comforted her.  He didn’t say anything until they landed in the clearing.


Then he let her go and stood back from her.  All he’d said was, “Let it all out.  Yell, scream, jump up and down, throw things, anything, hit the trees or dig a hole.  Just let all the hurt and pain out.  Rage at the stars, at the darkness.  You’ve suffered, it’s not fair.  Get it all out of you now, as this is your one chance to release all that hate infecting you.  This is the time to throw that tantrum without anyone witnessing it.  You have my permission to do whatever you want here.  Only here can you act without thinking of what will happen later.  There is no weakness it letting it all out.  No-one will know.  Do what you need to do to get over this Sookie.  You need to get over this.  It’ll never be forgotten, it’ll always hurt.  Time, and time alone will allow you to remember what happened without feeling as if the universe is bearing down on you.  After a while you’ll think of the now and our future rather than the past.  It does lessen, the hurt, the insults and the agony does diminish with time.  Go, wreak havoc.” He directed her.


So she did.  The clearing may take decades to recover from her destruction.  She hadn’t thought about the birds or animals that may have been there.  She’d never considered anything other than her all consuming pain and wanted it to stop.  He was wise that way, her Maker.  He’d known just what she needed.  He knew she needed to rampage against all that had happened.  Scream out to the world that it wasn’t fair.


Looking back now, what had shocked her was that her Maker had admitted that he’d been raped when he was a young vampire striking out on his own.  She’d never heard of males being raped, but logically knew that it could happen.  It was all about power, rape was rape no matter what gender you were.  He’d shared that with her.  He knew how she felt somehow comforted her.  Made her feel less alone in the world.  It’s not something she’d wish on her worst enemy.  It gave her another connection to Eric.  An unwanted horrible experience.  But for once, she wasn’t alone.  She’d been alone since Rene had murdered her Gran.  Knowing that someone cared about her gave her comfort.  She’d take his reassurances to heart, it would get easier.  His belief in her, she’d treasure that.


Eric came into their bedroom after securing their residence and checking that there’d been no problems at the bar during his absence.  He smiled at his resting Childe.  She was hugging his pillow.  The bonds, before she died for the day, told him that she was calmer, more settled.  As he gathered her into his arms he considered the night a success.  It wasn’t something he wanted to do ever again, but his Childe had needed to physically express her pain let go of the betrayals.  Now, hopefully, they could move on and make new memories.  Together they can enjoy their future.


His last thoughts before he died for the day were, her telepathy, how strong was it now?  What other fae talents survived her being turned?